Senior Engineer Jobsearch

Land your dream offer in 100 days

If you’re an engineer aiming for an offer at a large company, how you do the job search can make a six figure difference. This video course will teach you all we learned on our job search landing senior offers

This course will take you through the senior engineer jobsearch

from setting the right mindset, building a team for your search, learning how to communicate with every person in the interview process, and negotiating the offer.

Both of us are senior engineers who recently completed a 100-day-long job search. We went through a combined 20 onsites, and landed L5 and L6 offers.

Throughout the process, we spoke to each other every day and shared what we learned.

We discovered that though there is a lot of great information online on interview prep — from cracking algorithm interviews to negotiating compensation. However, the concepts that made the biggest difference in our job search just weren’t out there.

These were concepts like signal & scopethe two key ideas you need to communicate the level you want. 

We saw a lot of information about offer negotiations, but rarely did they include discussing level, which makes the biggest difference for large companies.

There was a lot information on algorithm interviews, but rarely information on system design and experience interviews, especially the signal that’s needed to convey your seniority.

There was a lot of conversations about referrals, but rarely did people talk about how to build a team of mentors, referrals, and peers for your job search.

As we shared these ideas with our friends, we began to see massive changes in their results. We saw total compensation changes that were 30-100% higher than either their previous roles or previous offers.

We thought, hey, let’s increase the pie of knowledge here, and Senior Engineer Jobsearch was born. We combined all that we learned and created a 3-month roadmap. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Course Outline

Mental Game

We’ll discuss how you see the job search, how you see your career, and how you see your community. By the end of this module, you’ll have the mindset that will help you the best for the search, a narrative that communicates what makes you an excellent candidate, and a team of mentors, peers, and referrals to start your job search right.


We’ll introduce you to the language and the purpose behind every interview — signal, scope, and leveling. By the end of this module you will form a conviction about your level, be able communicate exactly what makes you a unique candidate, alongside your seniority.

Interview Phases

We’ll walk you through all phases of the interview — Ramp Up, Recruiter Screens, Technical Screens, and Onsites. By the end of this module you’ll have the concepts and tools you need to set up referrals, speak with recruiters, do an excellent technical screen, and pass the onsite.

Algorithms & UI Interviews

We’ll walk you through how to prepare and how to do an excellent job at the algorithm interview. Front-End Engineers, we also included the UI Interview. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to prepare and how to send the best signal with both.

System Design Interviews

We’ll walk you through the System Design Interview. By the end of this module, you’ll know the mindset to come in with, know the true structure of the interview, the signal to send, and how to prepare the best

Experience Interviews

We’ll walk you through the Experience Interview. By the end of this module, you’ll know the purpose of the experience interview, and exactly how to communicate your culture fit and level

Offer Stage

We’ll walk you through negotiating, choosing, and ultimately concluding your job search. By the end of this module you’ll have all the tools to negotiate the best offer, choose the opportunity that fits, and strengthen all the new connections you made through the search.

Oh, and by the way — this course is free.

Originally we planned to make this a paid course. But, after some long talks, we decided we want to share this course with the community for free. We truly hope you find this useful and look forward to hearing your success story!

This course was brought to you by the three of us:

Joe Averbukh

Joe is a Software Engineer in San Francisco. He previously worked at Facebook, and has shared the principles from this course to help people get 30-100% raises. After taking a 15+ month sabbatical he went through a job search and accepted an E5 offer.

Luba Yudasina

Luba is a Software Engineer at Airbnb. She is an experienced interviewer, having done more then 100 interviews in the last year.

Stepan Parunashvili

For the last 5 years, Stepan worked on, first as a startup, then at Facebook through the acquisition. He recently went through a job search, landing 10 offers as an E6.


Who is this course for?

This course will work best for engineers with over 2 years of experience, applying to jobs at large companies in tech hubs like the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Austin. 

We certainly think this course is valuable for Engineers with less experience, or engineers outside of tech hubs, or people who aren’t engineers at all. If you relate to the course but don’t quite fit the niche — feel free to give it a try 🙂

How much does this course cost?

As of now, the course is free 🙂

Wait, can I get senior offers with 2 years of experience?

Most likely not. You would fall into the L4 bucket, however, this course will still be very useful for you. You’ll gain the tools to maximize the offer and the opportunity.

Is this for UI Engineers, Backend Engineers, or what?

The course is most applicable for full-stack, backend, or UI Engineers. Most of the content will apply if you do IOS or Android, but as we don’t have that experience, we don’t have the training for the kinds of technical questions you’ll be asked.